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My Music in 2012

2013-01-13 22:07:30 by BeatStylez

In 2012 I wrote more than 100 songs all pretty different from each other, the practice was great, but the DAW, FL 10, was holding me back and during winter break I downloaded Ableton 8 and I have never heard such improvement in my ablity. I also was previously working on a A-Z keyboard, but now I have a 2 octive midi keyboard and the possibilitys became endless. I will be posting NEW Songs for 2013 Get ready and I hope you notice a difference.

New Music

2011-12-04 01:04:04 by BeatStylez

As of 2012 I have been able to make better and better music, upload will start flooding in very soon and the music is actually good :)

Just Joined Yesterday

2011-01-01 06:04:54 by BeatStylez

I just joined this website. I was told to go hear from a friend, I listened to some of the music and i got pulled in and well I make some music, but not enough to be a contender. I just make wat sounds good to me...